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Watch this video and more on CSOtv

Up Next in Season 1

  • Stravinsky, Saint-Georges & Dvořák

    Tune in for a program of three composers making their mark. World-famous Stravinsky shocked audiences with his unexpectedly neoclassical turn in his octet for woodwinds and brass. Saint-Georges captivated Parisian society with works like this violin duo. Dvorák’s international career was launched...

  • Mozart, Shaw & Brahms

    Ingenuity defines this episode featuring Mozart’s alluring String Quintet in C Minor, a clever rearrangement of an earlier wind serenade, Brahms’ own exceptional second viola quintet and Caroline Shaw’s work inspired by a pioneering engineer of traffic theory, Boris Kerner, arranged for ...

  • Rossini, Dahl & Prokofiev

    Don't miss a concert sure to delight with a sparkling sonata for strings written by a 12-year-old Rossini, followed by Ingolf Dahl’s vigorous Music for Brass Instruments and closing with an arrangement of Prokofiev’s superb Romeo and Juliet Suite for wind ensemble.