Podcast: interMISSION @ the CSO

Podcast: interMISSION @ the CSO

In this podcast series, Chicago Symphony Orchestra musicians engage in behind-the-scenes conversations about what it takes to make this one of the world’s greatest orchestras. Hosted by CSO trumpet John Hagstrom, the podcast features interviews with musicians, staff and special guests about all things CSO.

Podcast: interMISSION @ the CSO
  • The Conductors

    In the first episode of this podcast series, Chicago Symphony Orchestra musicians explain how they work together with conductors to create energy and excellence in performance.

    CSO musicians James Smelser (horn), Jennifer Gunn (flute and piccolo), Patricia Dash (percussion), Lawrence Neuman (vio...

  • Second Thoughts

    James Smelser, a member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra's horn section since 2000, shares what many years of experience have taught him about playing second horn parts to maintain the high musical expectations of the CSO. He recalls fond memories of playing for 13 years next to the orchestra’s ...

  • Risks and Rewards

    Several Chicago Symphony Orchestra musicians share stories about how they turn the risks of performing into the rewards of expressing great musical energy to the audience. Featured are Esteban Batallán (principal trumpet), Patricia Dash (percussion), Jennifer Gunn (flute and piccolo), Lawrence Ne...

  • Little Giant

    Jennifer Gunn has been a Chicago Symphony Orchestra member since 2005, performing on the flute and piccolo. She shares the dramatic story of how she won the audition for her position and pays tribute to Walfrid Kujala, her famous predecessor. She also gives advice to aspiring performers, explains...

  • Team Player

    Lawrence Neuman has been a member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra‘s viola section since 1991. In this episode of interMISSION @ the CSO, he tells his own story of getting to the CSO and offers advice for young musicians aspiring to become professional performers. He describes the intensity of h...

  • Community Effort

    Six CSO musicians describe the power of sharing music with audiences of all ages, while working with a commitment for unified impact. As they anticipate the return of live concerts again, each one also describes the timeless power of the orchestra to connect with listeners.

    Support for ...